Biotechnology 1a: Introduction; Biotechnology 1b: Unlocking Nature’s Secrets

How is technology changing the way we live? Is it possible nature can provide all the answers to some of science’s most pressing concerns?

In Biotechnology 1a: Introduction, you’ll learn the basics of biotechnology and evolutionary theory, explore the various ways we store and preserve< food, and discover the process of fermentation and microbiology. This course will also cover the importance of breeding plants and hybridization and how early breeding programs led to the study of genetics and an understanding of the function of genes. Finally, you’ll delve into early industrial discoveries and explore the developments in biotechnology during the industrial revolution. The fusion of biology and technology creates an amazing process and offers humanity a chance to significantly improve our existence, while simultaneously creating new challenges.

In Biotechnology 1b: Unlocking Nature’s Secrets, you’ll build on your knowledge from Biotechnology 1a and learn how this field seeks to cure such deadly diseases as cancer and malaria, develop innovative medicine, and effectively feed the world through improved agricultural systems. Learn about some of the challenges biotechnology faces today, such as the growth of antibiotic resistant bacteria and questions about the safety of commercially produced genetically modified organisms (GMOs). You’ll research new biotechnologies and learn how they are changing the world we live in, including the environmental benefits of industrial biotechnology.


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