Careers in Criminal Justice 1a: Introduction; 1b: Finding Your Specialty

Most of us have watched a sensationalized crime show at one time or another, but do we really know how things work behind those dreaded prison bars? Do we really understand all the many factors in our justice proceedings? The criminal justice system is a very complex field that requires many seriously dedicated people who are willing to pursue equal justice for all. The Careers in Criminal Justice course, Semester a, illuminates what those different career choices are and how the juvenile justice system, the correctional system, and the trial process all work together to maintain social order. Find out more about what really happens when the television show ends and reality begins.

Have you ever thought about a career as a police officer, an FBI or DEA agent, or any occupation that seeks to pursue justice for all? Careers in criminal justice can be found at local, county, state, federal, and international levels, and even in the private sector. Explore some of the various occupations in this field through this course in semester b, while simultaneously learning how they interact with each other and other first responders.  Discover important aspects of criminal justice careers, such as implementing interviewing techniques, collaborating with other agencies and departments, cooperating with global partners, and communicating with various audiences. All of these tasks are completed while understanding the importance of ethical decision making in criminal justice. It is important to know and have the character required to know the difference between right and wrong to be successful in this field. If a career in criminal justice is something you hope to pursue, the course ends with some helpful information for finding employment in criminal justice.


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