Chinese (Mandarin) IV

Chinese (Mandarin) IV, Units 13-16: These units give learners the opportunity to increase their understanding of the language as they build on their success in Chinese I to III. 

Vocabulary and skills emphasized include:

  • Navigating the workplace
  • Caring for health
  • Arranging repairs
  • Moving abroad
  • Driving
  • Planning adventures
  • Health and emotional states for themselves and others
  • Expressing personal taste in terms of material and sensory preferences.

This immersive, self-contained course provides flexibility for independent language study. Learning any time of the day makes reaching your educational goals attainable. 

Semester Options:

  • A: Semester 1, 0.5 Credit
  • B: Semester 2, 0.5 Credit
  • A+B: Full Year, 1 Credit



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