CIS 194 – Operating Systems Management for Business

This course is the third in a series that will prepare learners for a Google IT Certificate. Learn more about the certificate here. This course will focus on the practical aspects of the operating system.

You will learn how to use the windows and Linux OS and how to interact with these operating systems through the command line, which inputs text commands instead of relying on a graphical user interface or GUI. You’ll also learn how file systems work and you’ll be able to assign different user permissions and roles. You’ll be able to understand how to use package managers and consider the trade-offs between different package managers for windows and Linux. You’ll also learn about process management so you understand the nuances of running programs that could save you valuable time when troubleshooting in the workplace.

Finally, we’ll take a deeper dive into remote connection tools and teach you about OS deployment and how to install on a lot of machines at once.



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