Coding 1a: Introduction to Programming; 1b: Programming

Have you ever wondered how your favorite webpages or apps function? In Semester a, you will learn about the influence of computers on our daily life, the purpose of programming languages, and how computers function. Experiment with Python to explore algorithms, syntax, and data structures while puttingĀ the software development cycle into practice by starting to plan and develop your own app in theĀ Capstone Project. Discover the potential of a career in this field!

In Semester b, building on the prior prerequisite course, nurture your understanding of programming to take on new challenges! Discover a variety of development tools to create code while learning about methods for modular programming and coding structures. Explore security considerations, like encryptions, and toolkits to elevate your coding skills! Finally, start creating your own comprehensive software for the web and move through programming problems as part of the Capstone Project.



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