Comprehensive Physical Education

In this one-semester course students will explore concepts involving personal fitness, team sports, dual sports, and individual and lifetime sports. Students will focus on health-related fitness as they set goals and develop a program to improve their fitness level through cardio, strength, and flexibility training. In addition, they will learn about biomechanics and movement concepts, as they enhance their level of skill-related fitness. Students will learn about game play concepts and specifically investigate the rules, guidelines, and skills pertaining to soccer, softball, volleyball, tennis, walking and running, dance, and yoga. Throughout this course students will also participate in a weekly fitness program involving elements of cardio, strength, and flexibility training.  Unit 1: Getting Started; Fitness Assessment & Analysis, Starting an Exercise Program, Safety & Technique.  Unit 2: Health-Related Fitness; Cardiovascular Fitness, Nutrition, Muscular Fitness & Flexibility.  Unit 3: Skill-Related Fitness; Principles of Movement, Game Play.  Unit 4: Team Sports; Soccer, Baseball/ Softball, Volleyball.  Unit 5: Dual & Individual Sports; Tennis, Walking, Hiking, & Running, Dance, Yoga, & Pilates.  Unit 6: Post Assessment; Post Assessment.



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