Computer Maintenance 1a: Introduction; 1b: Network Needs

Computers are soldered into all aspects of our daily life, and when they stop working, it can seem like our network has collapsed. If you are fascinated by the inner workings of computers and how to keep them running, then a career in computer maintenance may be for you! In Semester a, you’ll learn how computers are set up starting with the software and operating systems and what to do when hardware and software issues are encountered. You’ll learn different types of data communication, various power supply units, essential components like motherboards and memory and much more! Grab your personal expansion card, and let’s hardwire some new knowledge about computer maintenance.

Almost anywhere we go today, from malls to coffee shops, and even our homes is an intertwined web of wired, wireless, and cloud-based networks that access our personal data. In Semester b, you’ll dig into computer networks and their extensive capabilities. You’ll explore data exposure and how to mitigate threats, discuss the fundamentals of network design and layout, learn how cloud-based services store data, discover the differences between wired and wireless networks, and dream of possibilities as you explore fun network options like smart home systems. Let’s continue navigating the complex world of computer maintenance.



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