Cosmetology 3a: Introduction to Hair Skills; 3b: Waving, Coloring, and Developing Hair Skills

Develop your skills in the rewarding field of cosmetology! In Semester a, you will be exposed to the complexities of this field by learning to perform a hair, scalp, and skin analysis. You will also learn about hair types, face shapes, and color theory. Finally, color techniques are covered with an emphasis on salon and chemical safety, effectively preparing you for a career in cosmetology!

Building on the prior prerequisite course, in Semester b, you will dive into the realm of hair styling and cutting techniques. You will explore varieties of wigs, extensions, and hairpieces, while also developing knowledge about shampooing and conditioning. Manual curling and the use of chemicals to curl and straighten hair are highlighted in this course as well as safety when working with chemicals. You can expect to be well versed with a plethora of hair skills upon completion.


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