Dental Assistant 1a: Introduction; 1b: Exploring Specialized Areas of Dentistry

A: Are you a compassionate person who genuinely cares about helping others be healthy? Learn how becoming a Dental Assistant can offer you a rewarding career as well as job security. In Semester a, you will start with learning the different roles within a dentist’s office, organizations to get involved with, and basic head, neck, and dental anatomy. Learn what it takes to embark on a career sure to provide personal and professional fulfillment.


B: You’ve learned dental anatomy, the structure of a dental practice, and basic dental treatments; now, it’s time to drill down even deeper into the world of a dental assistant. In this course, you’ll explore clinical subjects: maintaining safe environments for patients, managing pain and medications, using and handling common materials in a dental setting, the basics of radiology, dental specialties and more! You’ll also encounter activities designed to get you out of the classroom and into the dental world investigating and volunteering in professional settings. Lastly, you’ll learn about professional organizations, gaining employment, and the certification process.



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