Digital Media Web Design 2a: Build a Portfolio Website; 2b: Build an eCommerce W

Did you know that you are consuming digital media every time you open an app or use your computer or tablet? Digital media may be a webpage, video, image, podcast, form, or more. In Semester a, you will explore how you can develop webpages that embed different media and interactivity for excellent user experience through programming languages such as HTML and CSS. Examine trends and opportunities, education requirements, student organizations, and industry certification options. It’s your turn to start designing websites and experiences for digital media consumers.


Think of the best online stores you’ve visited. What do you think makes them unique? How do they keep buyers engaged and purchasing? Before you can design a great eCommerce store, it’s essential to understand how one works. In Semester b, you will learn the trends, design principles, and security strategies. Explore what it means to adhere to ethical and legal requirements and complying with industry standards and accessibility. It’s time to start designing the next best eCommerce site!



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