Emergency Medical Responder 1a: Introduction; 1b: Prepared for Action

Have you ever wondered what happens after making a 911 call?  In Semester a, You will get a realistic look into the day-to-day, fast-paced life of an EMR and how their roles and responsibilities fit into the larger picture with Emergency Medical Services. Discover how to conduct a patient assessment when you arrive on a scene and assess and treat various medical emergencies. If you’ve ever dreamt of being on the front lines, providing quality care to save someone’s life, then explore the exciting career as an Emergency Medical Responder.


Being an emergency medical responder is dynamic and challenging. EMRs are first responders who are prepared for action! In Semester b, you will explore how to care for diverse patients and in unique and even difficult situations. From advanced trauma to childbirth, from mass casualties to special conditions. EMRs are trained to care for, treat, move, and transport patients in various situations and play a vital role as part of an EMS response team.



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