English 6 A/B

In English 6A, you will explore literary elements in both nonfiction and fiction texts.  You will examine point of view in memoirs and practice writing a short memoir.  In the latter part of this course, you will study character in different genres of literature.  You will explore the topic of change in nonfiction texts and evaluate arguments and claims in informational texts.  Finally, you will study the characteristics of persuasive writing and practice writing persuasively.    In English 6B, you will begin with analyzing the element of conflict in literary nonfiction texts and examine examples of cause and effect.  You will also investigate different genres of literature to analyze the element of conflict.  Next, you will explore methods for developing multimedia presentations.  In the latter part of the course, you will analyze elements of poetry such as theme, structure, meter, language, and sound.   You will also examine different types of poetry.  Finally, you will identify techniques for developing a research paper.   



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