Food Handler and Food Manager Certifications

The Food Handler and Food Manager Certifications course is a single-semester course designed to help you learn what you need to know to be successful in competency examinations for certified food handlers and food managers. The five units of the course arm you with the knowledge and skills to provide safe food to customers as a food handler or food manager. • Unit 1 introduces you to the principles of food safety and describes crosscontamination and food allergies. • Unit 2 focuses on personal hygiene, the correct use of gloves, and other hygiene practices. • Unit 3 explains the importance of time and temperature control and procedures for purchasing, receiving, storing, prepping, cooking, holding, cooling, reheating, and serving food. • Unit 4 helps you differentiate between cleaning and sanitizing and describes procedures for cleaning and sanitizing surfaces, equipment, dishes, and the facility. It also helps you understand how to create an integrated pest management system. • Unit 5 identifies regulatory authorities and describes a manager’s role in food safety and during an inspection



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