Health & Physical Education 1a: Introduction; 1b: Invest in Your Health

Health and fitness are more than skin deep- or should we say muscle deep? There are many factors that influence your fitness from biological predispositions to the foods you eat, the sleep you get, your psychology, and more! Health & Physical Education 1a: Introduction will go beyond the superficial of fitness and dig into the science behind it. You will explore the basics of how to

assess your baseline fitness, design and implement a fitness plan, fuel your body to achieve your fitness goals, and stay safe while improving your health. Physical fitness is a journey, not a

destination: start your expedition now!

You’ve already HIIT the mat and warmed up your understanding of health and fitness, but now

we’re going to stretch you’re understanding and feed your healthy habits.

In Health & Physical Education 1b, you will learn about the four domains of health- physical, mental, emotional, social- and their interconnection, how to set goals for healthy living, and how

relationships and choices can impact your health. You’ll also explore different entities and

influences and their role in your daily health as well as how to build healthy communities to help you thrive. Let’s continue building the foundation for well-rounded, healthy living so you can

flourish: mind, body, and spirit!



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