HOPE 1 & 2 (Health Opportunities through Physical Education)

This two-semester, comprehensive health and PE course provides students with essential knowledge and decision-making skills for a healthy lifestyle. Students will analyze aspects of emotional, social, and physical health and how these realms of health influence each other. Students will apply principles of health and wellness to their own lives. In addition, they will study behavior change and set goals to work on throughout the course. Other topics of study include substance abuse, safety and injury prevention, environmental health, and consumer health.  This course is also designed to provide students with the basic skills and information needed to begin a personalized exercise program and maintain an active and healthy lifestyle. Students participate in pre- and post-fitness assessments in which they measure and analyze their own levels of fitness based on the five components of physical fitness: muscular strength, endurance, cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, and body composition. In this course, students research the benefits of physical activity, as well as the techniques, principles, and guidelines of exercise to keep them safe and healthy. Throughout this course students participate in a weekly fitness program involving elements of cardio, strength, and flexibility.  Semester 1:  Unit 1: Holistic Health; Dimensions of Wellness, Decision-Making Skills.  Unit 2: Starting a Fitness Program; What is Fitness?  Goal Setting, Getting Started.  Unit 3: Fitness Safety; Warm Up & Cool Down, Posture & Technique, Safety Guidelines.  Unit 4: Mental Health; Mental Health, Coping Skills, Stress & Time Management.  Unit 5: Social Health; Healthy Relationships, Communication.  Unit 6: Nutrition; Nutrition, Weight Management.  Semester 2:  Unit 1: Fitness Components; Fitness Benefits, Movement Principles.  Unit 2: Exercise Principles; Components of Fitness, FITT Principles, Heart Rate.  Unit 3: Drugs & Alcohol; Drug Use, Tobacco & Alcohol.  Unit 4: Reproductive Health; The Reproductive System, Abstinence & Contraception, STDs & AIDS.  Unit 5: Disease & Safety; Disease Transmission & Prevention, Consumer & Environmental Health, Personal Safety.  Unit 6: Healthy for Life; Health Interventions, Health Maintenance.



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