Introduction to Networking 1a: Introduction; 1b: Network Oversight

Semester 1a: What would happen if we didn’t have the internet? The internet is one example of a network, so you can only imagine why networking careers are essential. Start exploring the fundamentals of networking, learning about the different parts of a computer and hardware, network operating systems, and understanding how common network devices can be connected. You’ll get hands-on to explore different types of cables used to create networks – and even make cables in Wired Networking activities. Get started with your introduction to networking!

Semester 1b: Network administrators are responsible for the oversight of an organization’s computer network. This includes installing hardware and software but also relies on considerable technical skills to resolve network issues. Discover how to set up a network, troubleshoot problems, monitor network security, infrastructure, performance, and contribute to creating policies and procedures. As a network admin, you’ll help keep businesses safe and running correctly.


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