Life Skills

This one-semester course allows students to explore their personality type and interests, as well as refine important skills that will benefit them throughout their lives, including personal nutrition and fitness skills, time & stress management, communication & healthy relationships, goal setting, study skills, leadership and service, environmental and consumer health, and personal finances. In addition, students will explore possible colleges and careers that match their needs, interests, and talents.  Unit 1: Self Discovery; Discovering Self, Decision-Making Skills, Goal Setting.  Unit 2: Healthy Relationships; Healthy Relationships, Communication Skills.  Unit 3: Stress & Time Management; Stress Management, Time Management, School & Community.  Unit 4: Nutrition & Fitness; Nutrition, Fitness Programming.  Unit 5: Consumer Skills; Money Management, Wise Consumerism, Medical Management.  Unit 6: College & Career Planning; College & Career Planning, Employability.



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