Marine Science 1a: Introduction/1b: Our Blue Planet

Semester A: What is marine science and what role does it play in our daily life? In Marine Science 1a: Introduction, you’ll explore the development of oceans and the role water plays in shaping our environment and climate. Learn about the oceanic and freshwater processes, changes in ecosystems, and the connection between water and weather. You will also learn about energy in the ocean, including the principles of fluid dynamics, the role of hydrostatic pressure, the law of conservation of energy, and the measurable properties of waves. Through the use of scientific inquiry, research, measurement, and problem solving, you will conduct various scientific procedures that will lead to an increased level of knowledge about Marine Science.

Semester B: Water is the flowing lifeline of the Earth, and it impacts the life of every living creature. But have you ever stopped to think about human’ impact on water? In this course, you will discover more about the role we play in both threatening and protecting water sources. You will explore climate change and other events that concern Earth’s water sources and expand your knowledge of marine science careers. You will also plan and execute a cumulative research project exploring an aquatic environment near you using the Scientific Method.



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