Mathematics III A / B

Mathematics III, Semester A, is a single-semester course in which you will pull together and apply skills and concepts from the previous Mathematics courses. You will begin by focusing on how expressions and functions can model relationships. The course has a concentrated focus on polynomial, radical, and rational functions, so you will expand your arithmetic skills to include polynomial, radical, and rational expressions and equations. You will analyze their key features with tables, graphs, and equations when they are in function form. You will also investigate and measure surface area and volume of geometric solids, applying what you discover to model and solve real-world problems.

Mathematics III, Semester B, is a single-semester course in which you will pull together and apply the skills from the previous Mathematics courses. First, you will study exponential and logarithmic equations and functions, discovering relationships between them and ways you can use these function types to model real-world situations. Expanding on your knowledge of functions, you will study how you can use arithmetic and geometric sequences to solve problems. You will also explore piecewise and trigonometric functions and their key features and closely compare the key features of all the different function types you have studied. Finally, you will build your understanding of the key concepts of statistics and probability to investigate sampling techniques and make inferences from data




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