Medical Lab Assisting 1a: Introduction; 1b: Clinical Lab Safety & Procedures

Getting to the root of medical issues and uncovering ailments is the core of the medical field. Are you drawn to the idea of being part of a team who helps identify diseases and health-related issues? Then the role of a medical lab assistant may be for you!


In the Introductory semester, you will learn what it takes to become a skilled medical lab assistant including understanding medical ethics, communicating with patients, performing blood draws and managing specimens, lab safety, and potential career paths! Grab your lab coat and latex gloves, and let’s draw some new knowledge to help others!


You’ve pulled back the patient curtain and have learned the basics of the world of a medical assistant. Now, it’s time to dig deeper and peer into the anatomy of the role so you can determine which type of medical assistant best suits you. In semester b, you will learn more about patient care and procedures, testing and care coordination, pharmacology and safety, reimbursement, and the law. You will also narrow your own areas of interest, research organizations to shadow, and ultimately prepare for certification. Throw that curtain wide open, and let’s continue the pursuit of a medical assistant!



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