Middle School Earth & Space Science A / B

This is a two-semester middle school class. Earth and Space Science A begins with space. You will observe the phases of the Moon and use scientific evidence to understand how Earth, the Sun, and the Moon interact. You’ll also examine other celestial objects in our solar system. This course describes the history of Earth through the study of energy flow, weathering and erosion, the rock cycle, and tectonic plate movements. You will apply an understanding of the three states of matter to explain the water cycle and other systems on Earth. The course ends with a discussion of Earth’s natural resources.  Earth and Space Science B explains how convection shapes the weather, climate, and movement of ocean currents on Earth. The course takes an in-depth look at climate change and the greenhouse effect in Earth’s atmosphere. It draws attention to severe weather events and describes how technology plays a role in keeping communities safe. It also explores how the growing human population poses challenges for the distribution of Earth’s natural resources today and in the future.



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