Middle School Robotics 1a/1b: Robots in Motion

Semester A: If you love the idea of identifying and solving problems through machine technology, then engineering may be the perfect profession for you! In this course, you’ll learn about the types of engineers and engineering activities that are involved in designing robots. You’ll explore the design process, models and software engineers use, careers in engineering and robotics, and more! You’ll also use Micro:bit- a powerful pocket-sized computer- to enhance your learning! Let’s get ready to think like an engineer!

Semester B – Robots in Motion: Let’s build a robot! Ever wonder how robots came to be and how they evolved over time? Is their impact on society good, bad, or somewhere in between? You will explore these topics and more. You will study a robot’s anatomy to understand what each part does, so you can better understand how the system works as a whole, and this knowledge will fire up your imagination to design your own robot. You will also learn a little about programming so that you can communicate with the robot. Let’s get started bringing your robot to life!


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