This one-semester course takes students through a comprehensive study of nutritional principles and guidelines. Students will learn about world-wide views of nutrition, nutrient requirements, physiological processes, food labeling, healthy weight management, diet-related diseases, food handling, nutrition for different populations, and more. Students will gain important knowledge and skills to aid them in attaining and maintaining a healthy and nutritious lifestyle.  Unit 1: Nutrition Basics; Nutrition & Health, Diet & Digestion.  Unit 2: Energy Nutrients; Carbohydrates, Protein, Fats.  Unit 3: Non-Energy Nutrients; Water & Vitamins, Minerals & Supplements.  Unit 4: Energy Balance; Weight Management, Healthy Choices, Nutrition & Fitness.  Unit 5: Disorders & Diseases; Eating Disorders, Allergies, & Alcohol, Nutrition Related Diseases.  Unit 6: Consumer Nutrition; Consumer Nutrition, Food Preparation.  Unit 7: Nutrition for Life; Nutrition Across a Lifespan.



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