Pathophysiology 1a:Introduction/1b: Beyond the Pathogen

Semester A – Introduction: In this course, you’ll build foundational knowledge needed to understand disease in all forms, along with signs, symptoms, and prevention. You’ll learn how medical professionals arrive at the right diagnosis that leads to proper treatment and a successful outcome. You’ll also sharpen your sleuthing skills learning how to collect and work with data, develop and test hypotheses, design a study, and even research potential STEM careers.

Semester B – Beyond the Pathogen: Now that you have a basic understanding of pathophysiology, it’s time to turn up the magnification on your microscope and get a good look at the most common body system disorders and diseases. In this course, you will examine the pathologies of common causes of mortality as well as other pervasive concerns tackling diagnosis, treatment, and prevention. You will investigate factors that contribute to disease like age, gender, heredity, and lifestyle, and then you’ll go global, looking at worldwide environmental concerns and world health challenges.



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