Personal Fitness

What does being fit really mean? Is it just based on physical appearance or is it something deeper? In life, we strive to be healthy and make sensible choices, but it’s difficult to always know exactly how this can be achieved. It’s not only about losing weight or lifting a heavy barbell; being physically fit entails a wealth of knowledge about body functions, environment, safety, diet, goals, and strategies for longevity. As with any realm of study, understanding real fitness requires seeing beyond the predictable into what makes us tick as physical beings and how we can increase our strength, endurance, and flexibility. Human beings, both body and mind, are complex and highly sensitive organisms that need the right kind of attention to physically excel and feel great in the process. Being fit is about living life to the fullest and making the most of what you have – yourself! Let’s explore the world of healthy living and see how real fitness can be achieved through intention, effort, and just the right amount of knowledge.



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