Personal Training Concepts

This one-semester course examines basic concepts in fitness that are important for personal fitness, as well as necessary foundational information for any health or exercise career field. Areas of study include musculoskeletal anatomy and physiology, terms of movement, basic biomechanics, health related components of fitness, FITT principles, functional fitness skills, safety and injury prevention, posture and technique, nutrition, and weight management.  Unit 1: Concepts in Fitness; Intro to Fitness, Starting an Exercise Program, Safety.  Unit 2: Body Systems; Terminology, Heart, Lungs, and Bones, The Muscular System.  Unit 3: Movement; Principles of Movement, Exercise Principles, Fitness Skills.  Unit 4: Components of Fitness; Cardio Fitness, Muscular Fitness, Flexibility.  Unit 5: Nutrition & Health; Body, Composition, Weight Management & Drugs, Total Health.



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