Principles of Information Technology 1a: Introduction; 1b: Working With Computers

Ready to develop your understanding and proficiency in computers? Explore a range of concepts to gain the foundational knowledge you’ll need to start exploring careers in this field to find out which ones suit your interests and abilities.


In Semester a, you will learn about computer hardware and maintenance to data management and storage options to network systems, administration, and troubleshooting. Then dive into word processing, spreadsheets, and databases to cement your knowledge of information technology!


In Semester b, you will take the IT knowledge you have to a more advanced level. Starting with an overview of programming, algorithms, and compilers, you’ll then learn the basics of web page design and creating graphics. Explore security and cybercrime, emerging technologies, presentation software, and intellectual property laws. Finally, you will prepare for the future by discovering various careers in this field and planning your education!


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