Programming 2a: Procedural Programming; 2b: Creative Programming

Semester a:  Congratulations; you’re speaking a different language! A programming language

that is. But do you want to learn more? Discover the most popular programming languages and what they have to offer the software world. Explore data, algorithms, and objectives and how

they are essential to language ‘speak’. Learn the software development life cycle and how it can be implemented so you can create projects, such as a prototype for an app you’ll code and a

working to-do list website.


Get ready to take your programming abilities to the next level in Programming 2b! You’ll start by developing a simple web page using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and then you’ll practice your

Python skills, making your own photo editor and sound player! Using API, you’ll practice adding a weather widget to a website and you’ll ensure page safety using encryption techniques

through Python. You’ll test, you’ll inspect, you’ll collaborate, and for your finale, you’ll craft a

graphical user interface for an app using Python’s Tkinter! Let’s get ready to program!





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