Psychology A/B

This two-semester flexible, customizable course gives your students an overview of the history of psychology while also giving them the resources to explore career opportunities in the field.  In Semester A, you will trace the history of psychology and examine key psychological theories. You will discuss human development and explain how the nervous and endocrine systems affect human development and behavior. You will explain various theories related to language development and acquisition. You will discuss the influence of heredity, environment, society, and culture on human behavior.  In Semester B, you will explain the established theories of cognitive, psychosocial, and moral development. You will identify the factors that influence interpersonal relationships, recognize the origins and effects of violence, and describe prevention and treatment options for addictive behavior. You will explain abnormal behavior and describe different types of psychological disorders. You will trace the history of psychological counseling and therapy and describe strategies used for problem solving and coping with stress. You will describe some key statistical concepts used in psychological research and testing, and identify career opportunities in psychology.



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