Robotics 1a: Introduction; 1b: Intelligent Robots

Semester a:  Are you fascinated with how machines work? Robots are machines, and they are all

around us, from helping doctors in surgeries to helping to keep our homes clean. Explore the

physics, mechanics, motion, and the engineering design and construction aspects used to develop robots. Learn how models are created through both sketches and software. Discover STEM careers and the education needed to enter this high-demand field.


Semester b:  The robots have invaded… and they’re here to make our lives easier. You’ve learned about the basics of robotics and STEM careers, but now we’re going to learn about manipulating the physical world to create desired effects. In this course, you’ll learn to manipulate electrical

signals to create logic and memory, how to quantify the physical world through variables, and

how to have an impact through tools. You’ll discover how to choose the best tools and materials, how to create AI, and how to take an idea from initial planning to a completed project. Let’s

continue the pursuit of a career in robotics so the friendly invasion can thrive!



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