Robotics 2a: Design a Robot; 2b: Build a Robot

Semester a:  From outer space to the oceans and everywhere in between, robots are doing

everything from solving complex problems to simply making daily life easier. But, there has to be a beautiful mind behind the machine, and this is where you come in! In this course, you will identify a problem and using the skills you’ve learned, you will apply the principles of engineering and

robotics to design an innovative robot to solve the problem. Robotics engineers are problem

solvers ̶  are you ready to step up?


Semester b:  You have learned how to think like a robotics engineer, and now, it’s time to design and build like one to breathe life into your machine. In this course, you’ll explore how to add

more complexity to your creations to make them more efficient, capable, and better able to

handle advanced tasks. You will also learn how models and simulations can enhance robotic

development and construction. After a real-world safety review, a deeper dive into advanced

applications and systems, and improving your prototype, you’ll finalize and launch your robot.

Are you ready to continue improving the world with your machine? Let’s automate!



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