Social Studies Grade 3

The Social Studies suite utilizes a personal approach to introduce students to community and     citizenship. By providing scaffolded instruction from Kindergarten through 5th grade, students develop a firm understanding of important concepts and skills related to history, geography, and
economics. The integration of recurring characters and challenges to overcome keeps students engaged and progressing. Finally, students will analyze grade-appropriate passages to reinforce reading comprehension and writing skills. In Kindergarten, students learn about community and are offered an introduction to history, geography, and economics. In First grade, students             develop an understanding of citizenship in the home, school, and community. Second grade

focuses on the geography of North America, the impact of immigration, and the foundations of American citizenship. Third grade includes a closer look at American history and civics. This

includes studying regions with the United States and the physical and cultural characteristics

of Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean Islands. In Fourth grade, students explore the important

people, places, and events that shaped the state in which they live. In Fifth grade, students focus on American history through 1850 from Native Americans through exploration, colonization, and early American history.


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