Theater Cinema and Film Production 1a: Introduction; 1b: Lights, Camera, Action

Lights! Camera! Action! Theater and cinema are both forms of art that tell a story. In Semester a, let’s explore the enchanting world of live theater and its fascinating relationship to the silver screen.

Explore the different genres of both and how to develop the script for stage and film. Then dive into how to bring the script to life with acting and directing. If you have a passion for the art of film and stage, let’s bring your creativity to life!


Lights, camera, action … take two! Whether you’re a performer, critic, or fan, you’ll pull back the curtain to dive deeper into the making of movies and theater performances. Explore multiple facets of the production process from both theater and film. Gain insights from industry leaders along the way and learn to think critically about different aspects to develop your unit-by-unit blog. You’ll fully understand how high-quality entertainment and art are crafted for the theater and the silver screen.



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