Washington State History A/B

Semester A: Washington State History, Semester A, is a single-semester course designed to familiarize you with the skills needed to study history and many of the political and economic structures that make up our world, our country, and Washington state. This course begins with lessons where you will learn to evaluate historical documents and events. Further, you will broaden your understanding of the origin of US government, the structure of the constitution, and the rights and responsibilities of the citizens. Lastly, in the third unit, you will be introduced to several economic concepts and learn about the effect of specialization and scarcity on the development of global trade.

Semester B: Washington State History, Semester B, is a single-semester course designed to strengthen your understanding of world history and the history of Washington state. In this course, you will explore how geography can help you gain a better understanding of the world and its people. Additionally, you will learn about the historical events that led to changes in political power or organizational structures. You will also study the influence of culture and technology on the world.



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