Web Development 2a: Sketching and Scripting; 2b: Website Goes Live

Semester a: You’ve already experienced web development on a smaller scale, but now, it’s time

to kick it up a notch! You’ll hit the ground running with the Agile methodology of software

development and how it plays into leadership and teamwork amongst developers. You’ll also

approach web development from a different perspective- your users!- and you’ll learn to speak

the language of JavaScript to enhance your web development efforts. Your efforts will

commence in a professional portfolio that will allow you to experience GitHub to display your

work. Let’s get that framework going!


Semester b:  You’ve done a ton of work on your website already, and now, it’s time to put the

finishing touches on it and make it work for you! In this course, you’ll explore topics and hone

skills to help you perfect your portfolio so it’s ready to share with future employers. You’ll

discover common coding errors and security threats, website accessibility and reliability, and

become more fluent and efficient in JavaScript.  You’ll also learn how to make on-the-job choices and adjustments and refine communication with your clients. In the end, you’ll turn your website into a presentation to share with friends and family so you can showcase your achievements.




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