Student-Teacher Communications

Student-teacher communications is one of the basic requirements of enrollment in an Alternative Learning Experience (ALE) program in Washington State. Communication means direct, two-way, personal interaction between the student and his or her teachers must happen each school week. The primary mode of interaction happens when teachers provide written feedback to activities, assignments, assessments, work samples and learning reflections submitted by students. Other opportunities for interaction include: phone conversations, face-to-face meetings, video and voice conferencing, and email communications.

Regular communication with teachers is for the purpose of instruction, review of assignments, reporting of learning progress and sharing of educational activities. teachers will respond directly and in a personalized way to students. The detailed information teachers glean from this interaction with students will assist in determining satisfactory progress toward achieving course learning goals. This interaction is also the basis for state-required attendance.

Students who don’t interact with teachers at least once every school week, will receive unexcused absences. Parents of these students will receive email notifications from principals regarding student attendance. As a public school in Washington, follows the same attendance rules as all public schools, including the filing of truancy petitions because of multiple unexcused absences.